Original mosaic 'Intelligent Love', feel the sensation of cosmic energy. Blog by MaartjedeBoer

Get a taste of cosmic energy

Can I share a pretty cool experience with you? It's one you're not likely to forget; it might even strike a chord of recognition within you.
Let me talk you through it in the first few paragraphs below, and then close your eyes for a few minutes to see if you can feel it.
Imagine a big pinkish-white cloud. It is coming straight at you, in a direct line. Like an avalanche, but not in a scary way. You know it is something good; you can feel it is love. Wrapping itself around you like a blanket.
You can sense that it is looking at you, scanning you, to see what you need: comfort, love, physical healing? It's really seeing you, knowing you. And it just wants you to know that you are loved, seen, and blessed. And to return the love you have just sent out to the universe yourself.
It feels warm, gentle, and soft, so soft. You cannot help but welcome it. Can you feel yourself surrendering to it, letting it wash over you? Which it does, if you allow it, ever so slowly. Seeping into every cell of your body. It feels like peace and coming home. And after a while, you can feel it leaving again. It pulls back and goes back the way it came. And you just ly there, feeling happy and fulfilled.
So, before you close your eyes and picture what I've just described: know that it needs a bit of letting go of other stuff that's on your mind, so take a few seconds to detach yourself. And you have to raise your own vibration to that of this higher consciousness, because it will not come down to yours. So summon up feelings of gratitude or love before you do this. That helps.
Ok then, here it goes; close your eyes and imagine this wave coming at you. I'll wait...
Welcome back! Did you see it? Did you feel that avalanche of warmth and love washing over you?
If not, don't worry. I've meditated for years before becoming aware of this. If so, nice! I hope you've enjoyed it as much as I do when I connect with it.
You see, I could tell you stuff about how everything is energy. And how we are all connected to a higher, universal energy source. A source that we can continuously tap into, each and every one of us. Call it cosmic energy; call it a higher consciousness; call it god. The name that stuck with me is 'Intelligent Love' (coined by Joe Dispenza in one of his guided meditations). Because it ís pure love and all-knowing.
But just telling you what I experience while meditating seems rather pointless compared to you getting a sense of what I'm saying for yourself.
And that is why I made this piece called 'Intelligent Love'.
To give you a sense of this loving softness, reflected in its soft colors, of this wave of love that is about to wash over you. And when it does, that is when you know that everything is all right, exactly as it should be.

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