Artist statement

As a modern mosaicist, my art revolves around exploring the realms of cosmic energy, emotions, and inner work.
We are made of the same stuff as the stars. The medium of mosaics, with its lines, textures, and movement,
gives me the perfect expressive language to make this energy tangible.

My mosaics tell universal stories of our inner world, (self)love and connection to our higher selves and the universe.
Like a camera, they allow the viewer to zoom in and out. Seeing the wonder of the tiniest individual pieces, as well as the
bigger picture we are a part of. Reflecting who we are, all those different parts and pieces that come together so beautifully
to make up the whole of us. This, to me, is the real magic.

I aim to create art that serves as a window into the soul and the universe, inviting viewers to go within and beyond.

Mosaic artist MaartjedeBoer with her cats

I never dreamt of being an artist

Being an art lover for as long as I can remember, I only first felt the need for my own creative outlet at 40. Until then, I had enjoyed working with numbers and data.

But I realized I wasn’t feeding my soul. My hands and heart needed to create. And I discovered the wonderful medium of mosaics.

A few years into making mosaics, I injured my back. That was the start of what has been a long journey. It started with trying all sorts of physical therapy to heal my body. But it turned into a journey of self-discovery and inner work.

And who knew? By healing my emotional traumas, I am now also healing my body!

My inner work has had a massive impact on me and my art. It is both my source of inspiration and my saviour.

I am a 'hammer and hardie' kind of girl. Every piece of stone or glass I use is cut by hand. Applying this ancient medium in new, modern ways is a source of inspiration in its own right.