Blogpost about being enough by MaartjedeBoer

I am enough

While feeling a bit stuck this week, progress on my to-do's not going as fast as I would like it to, and feeling a bit overwhelmed, I realized it's all me.

Feeling busy and overwhelmed, it's not real!

It's just my mind playing tricks on me. I could just as easily sit in the sun or take a walk and be okay. Nothing bad would happen.

In fact, those moments of distancing myself from the craziness are when I genuinely feel I am enough, just as I am. Just being, just breathing, just basking in the beauty of being alive.

All the rest is MY choice, my doing.

I can say yes to something or no, stress myself out or not. My actions are not my being. I don't need to think less of me either way.

If I walked away from it all right now, I would still be okay. Because deep down, I know I am enough; my purpose is to be and enjoy life.

Maybe I should sit in the sun and enjoy being enough more often, just to keep things in perspective. And maybe you could join me.


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