Meditative mosaic art, where every single piece is a testament to wholeness

For free spirits embracing their perfection!


Add a focal point of grounding energy to your space. Art that is a reflection of who you are. You are not broken. You don´t have to find yourself as you are never really lost. But life can often feel fragmented and we can sometimes feel defeated.

Until we realize that our events, experiences and emotions make us who we really are. Made up of a thousand different little pieces and beautifully unique, yet at the same time connected to a much bigger universal energy that carries us.

  • "This piece reminds me how connected I am to nature - to the planet - to life!"
    - Grace

  • "Peaceful. It actually makes me feel like I am stepping out of my rushed life into a serene spa session. A peaceful moment, just for me, all thoughts can stay outside for a moment."
    - Suze

  • "Your eye for colours and shapes is exquisite. What a beautiful pattern!"
    - Christine

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Mosaic artist MaartjedeBoer in her studio

Hi, I'm Maartje,

A mosaic artist, living and working in the east of the Netherlands with my husband and three cats.

After four decades of living in my head, I came to art later in life. But I am now fully embracing my artistic calling, there is no denying it anymore. This is who I am, coming from the heart.

My work is best described as the medium of mosaics meeting up with the inspiration I get from my inner work journey and the universe. That is my sweet spot.

Original mosaic 'Look of Love' (celebration of love) on mocca wall - by MaartjedeBoer

Allsorts collection

Meet a collection of one-of-a-kind pieces that are unique mementos to a universal soul journey.
They are like old friends to me and I'm only now ready to send them into the world to bring the same joy to others, but only for a limited time.

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