Expressive mosaic art designed to inspire and expand horizons

For free spirits that love to explore!

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Discover the vibrant world of modern mosaic art. Add a focal point of grounding energy to your space. A reflection of who you are, unique and made up of a thousand different little pieces. Unique art created to give you a moment of reflection and wonder, inviting you to go on a journey within and beyond.

  • "This piece reminds me how connected I am to nature - to the planet - to life!"
    - Grace

  • "Peaceful. It actually makes me feel like I am stepping out of my rushed life into a serene spa session. A peaceful moment, just for me, all thoughts can stay outside for a moment."
    - Suze

  • "Your eye for colours and shapes is exquisite. What a beautiful pattern!"
    - Christine

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Mosaic artist MaartjedeBoer in her studio

Hi, I'm Maartje,

A mosaic artist, living and working in the east of the Netherlands with my husband and three cat babies.

After four decades of living in my head, I came to art later in life. But I am now fully embracing my artistic calling and my career as an artist. There is no denying it anymore. This is who I am, coming from the heart.

My work is best described as the medium of mosaics meeting up with the inspiration I get from my inner work and the universe. That is my sweet spot.

Original mosaic 'Look of Love' (celebration of love) on mocca wall - by MaartjedeBoer

Allsorts collection

Meet a unique collection of one-of-a-kind pieces that are like old friends to me. I'm only now ready to send them into the world to bring the same joy to others, but only for a limited time.

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