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Join me on my soul journey!

A big part of my artistic life has been determined by a journey that started about a decade ago.

My mission: healing my so-called chronic back pain. Little did I know it would become a life-changing journey of the soul.

A trip that led me from physical therapies to understanding the mind-body connection. From analytical thinking to emotional and energetic awareness. A journey back to my true self and the connection with my higher self.

It is this inner work that is reflected in my art. It’s usually the subject of my pieces. It has transformed my relationship with my art and has shown me how to receive inspiration instead of chasing it.

My mosaics tell the visual tales of this inner journey, they are like anecdotes. They visualize the energy I perceive, my emotions, and my perception of the universe.

What those images can’t convey, the written word can. So I also share stories on my blog and social media. Stories about my art, life, experiences, and lessons I have learned.

For me, this is an endless journey, my best and most important masterpiece. I m on a mission to become my best self and to love myself unapologetically. And I intend to keep documenting it.

In sharing my stories and art, I hope to inspire you as well!

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