The secret behind 'going with the flow'

The secret behind 'going with the flow'

A reflection on the phrase 'going with the flow'. We all use it, but what does it mean?

Usually, it is used for doing things with ease, or doing what we feel like doing. I think it means something else. I think there is this energy stream coursing through your life. It moves you forward, whether you know it or not, leading you to where you want to go. You can go with it or go against it and hold onto the sides, try desperately to grab a few sticks and weeds, and hold on to 'the old stuff.' 

I notice I do this quite regularly: because I am afraid to let go of familiar things or people, or because I make other people's problems my own, or because I keep focussing on fixing something or desperately trying to understand something. Those things keep me from going with my stream. 

Until I realize there is always a choice to make. That stream goes on, with or without you. It's never too late to let go of the sides and go with that stream.

How you feel about what you are doing is not so much what determines whether you are going with your stream. And it is not just about the action you take or don't take. It's about doing what is best for you at this moment in time (which you know, deep down in your gut). And about HOW you do it. 

Are you pushing on when you need a rest? Holding on to the sides. Taking that rest? Going with the stream.

Do you have a new idea you want to follow up on, but it's a bit scary too? Holding onto that fear and not doing it? Holding on to the side. Going for it and trusting it will work out right? Going with the stream.

Do you have a job you want to quit but still need the money? Getting frustrated and resisting it? More side holding. Doing the job with good intent and pleasure? Going with the stream. And when another opportunity arises and you can leave that job, taking the opportunity will probably be going with the stream. But you will know that when you get there.

I guess it's a matter of trust, surrendering yourself to this stream, doing things with grace and gratitude and allowing the universe to work its magic. It will bring you where you want to go, with perfect timing. 

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