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What is the point of your life?

What is the meaning of life? Why are we here? Ask 20 people and you’ll get 20 different answers; I know because I just did so on Facebook. It’s one of those questions we all think about sometimes, and maybe it’s one of those questions that does not have one correct answer.

As one person said wisely: “It is what you view it to be, that makes it real’. I love that!! It means that your viewpoint is not set in stone and can change over time. And isn’t life all about evolving and evolution?

Anyway, in the last couple of weeks, I’ve been thinking about this question, especially how my meaning of life relates to my never-ending to-do list. I wanted to know the meaning of my actions, even the smallest ones, but to get there, I had to start with the top dog of all questions: ‘What’s the meaning of being alive?’

This is how I’ve come to see it, at this moment in time:

1) Our sole reason for being here is BEING.
Being is enough; that is where our worthiness is, our self-love, and our being enough. We are enough because we are here and now. It is a given. We are a part of source energy and one with the source.

2) There is no price to pay, no should, and no obligation to do something in return for being.
You are not here to fix something or save the world; the world is not broken, and neither are you.

Sharing your light with others is a choice. You can choose to, out of free will, because it makes you feel good, but it does not define your goodness or worthiness. It does not matter; you are worthy anyway.

3) So why áre we here? I believe it’s for having experiences.
You can’t help having them in this physical world. As life happens, you will have experiences. But you can also decide what experiences you would like to have (create your own reality). Experiences help you determine what you do and don’t want and lead to expansion. It is the evolution of yourself, that’s life. It makes perfect sense to me that life ends when there are no more experiences to be desired.

Now comes the bit I’ve struggled with the most: how does ‘taking action’ fit into all this? What is the right balance between being and taking action?

4) Actions are there to enjoy yourself and have those desired experiences. It’s the way that you enjoy the energy that you’ve lined up through your thoughts. You focus your thoughts on something, which feeds it with energy. By taking action, you can enjoy this energy and turn it into something tangible.

5) The only relevant question for taking action is, ‘Am I enjoying doing it?’ Having no resistance to an action is the most powerful thing. It allows the energy that creates worlds to flow through you while doing it and makes it so much easier.

But, your experiences, actions, and their results are NOT meant to be a measure of your success or worthiness, your good enoughness, or how much you love yourself.

Because this is a given, you don’t have to earn or prove anything. Your part in this creation process is about doing what you want to experience and feel good as often as possible, enjoying yourself, from a place of free will and choice. So, basically, the results are none of your business!

I’ve even come to believe there are no parameters to measure success. What is success anyway? Following my line of thought, I can only think of having the experiences I want. But why would I want to measure this? Why would I say I’m successful when I’ve experienced the first ten things on my list when I know my list will always keep growing? As I experience something, I will automatically define new experiences to have.

That’s it if you ask me: no big quest, no holy grail.

Just choosing my desired experiences, feeling good as much as possible, being kind (of course, always), and evolving.

Because isn’t that fun as well? Not knowing where you’ll be in 5 years’ time? Surprising yourself and being surprised along the way.  

All the while knowing it’s all good; it has nothing to do with your worthiness.

I say amen to that.

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